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      June 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm #274

      Sisters of the moon has Three Bosses that share a health pool, starting with: Huntress Kasparian – Captain Yathae Moonstrike at 70% – Priestess LunaSpyre at 40%.
      When the Full Moon or New Moon cycles take place, the bosses have an empowered ability – Huntress deals large Arcane Group damage – A large glaive that breaks into may that deal 1.7 Mil.
      Captain does Incorporeal Shot – 17.5million damage in a line that we must soak (similar to hyrja beam in Odyn fight)
      Priestess puts a ward that lasts 12 seconds – 1 million healing absorb on each member in the raid, and puts a 30 million absorb ward onto her or one of the other 2 Sisters. If any of the wards explode after 12 seconds, the remaining absorb amount is dealt as damage to everybody within 8 yards as shadow damage. We should aim for none going through I think.

      This fight revolves around the stacking debuff and the floor changing between the phases of the moon. The Debuff is gained through standing on the light side of the moon (increased arcane dmg taken), or the dark side of the moon (increased shadow dmg taken(UMBRA SUFFUSION)).
      If you move from the light side of the moon to the dark side, or vice versa, You clear your stacks and take ASTRAL PURGE ~400k spellshadow damage and get a debuff that increases subsequent damage from astral purge by 50%.
      The Huntress throws a Glaive at the tank, which will hit up to 3 targets, dealing a large chuck of damage and giving a debuff (DISCORPORATE) which decreases all healing and absorbs taken by 75% and must be removed by Astral Purge (moving from one phase of the moon to the other)
      The Archer Shoots random targets with Rapid Shot, If you are standing on the dark side of the moon you have to go to the light side to cleanse your UMBRA SUFFUSION stacks.
      If you get targeted by Moon Burn you have to purge your stacks.
      The tanks have an arcane stacking debuff they have to manage, while also managing their personal stacks.
      DPS MUST FOCUS THE ADD – Moontalon casts a spell increasing in damage with each cast – MUST BE FOCUSED.
      Will be updated as a video is released.

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